Our story

The Llevant Wind.

Reliable, light and fast, the Llevant wind blows through the mountains of southern Spain and forms a majestic cloud that rises and flows over the hills. We were inspired by our time spent with this natural force, kite surfing, wind surfing and cycling the stunning mountains that surround the Mediterranean Sea.

When it came to building our own bikes, thirty years of BMX racing, mountain biking and guiding bike tours through the French Alps taught us the importance of quality components. We scoured the world and spent over two years testing, trialing and rebuilding until we were satisfied with several models. Models that are reliable, light and fast like the Llevant wind.

With our Spanish inspiration and world-class components, we started Llevant Carbon Bikes in 2014. We are now a New Zealand owned and operated boutique bike company, dedicated to bringing you the best carbon bikes in the world.

We know that every rider is different, so decided to build every bike to order, tailoring our years of expertise to the individual. Click here to find out more about our different bike models and how we can build one just for you.